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Aquarel Art Galerie
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Aquarel Art Galerie
Masterfully painted. Bought safely.
What we do?
What we do

We specialize in the sale of watercolor art. We present a large and unique watercolor collection of over 500 original artworks on this website and a smaller selection in our gallery.

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Specialized in watercolor art

Aquarel Art Galerie specializes and mediates in the sale of watercolors. We present and sell watercolors in all styles, representing all themes, in all budget classes and made by national and international watercolor painters. Artists who have proven mastery of watercolor technique or who stand out for their budding talent.

Discover and enjoy

Discover your favorite watercolor in our large and unique watercolor collection. Marvel at creativity and craftsmanship and enjoy the prospect of owning original work. We are happy to help you buy a watercolor! Masterfully painted. Bought safely. That's our promise to you.

Menno de Wit & Team Aquarel Art


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