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The organization of the Watercolor Art Index awards honorary titles to artists based on quality achievements and verified recognition. Only the best watercolor artists qualify for a rating and only the best watercolorists are recognized with an honorary title.

We award four distinctive titles that each express the level of a watercolor artist:

WAI-EA: the artist is qualified as Emerging Artist. Artworks are characterized by sufficient to striking quality.

WAI-RA: the artist is qualified as Recognized Artist. Artwork characteristics are usually of sufficient to high quality.

WAI-MA: the artist is qualified as Master. Artworks are of very high quality to indisputable excellence.

WAI-IM: the artist performs at the same level as a Master, but also does this at an international level and is therefore qualified as International Master. Artworks are characterized by very high quality to indisputable excellence.



Tejo Van den Broeck, Belgium. WAI-IM

Gerard Hendriks, Netherlands. WAI-IM

Eugen Gorean, Moldova. WAI-IM

Arunas Vilkevicius, Lithuania. WAI-IM




Ada Florek, Poland. WAI-MA

Siegfried Woldhek, Netherlands. WAI-MA

Marco Boer, Netherlands. WAI-MA

Hannie Rieuwerts, Netherlands. WAI-MA

Gerda Mentens, Belgium. WAI-MA

Marie-Hélène Stokkink, Netherlands. WAI-MA




Gertruud Sneekes-Bruin, Netherlands. WAI-RA

Pierre Sentjens, Belgium. WAI-RA

Dick Kusters, Netherlands. WAI-RA

Anastasia Zakharova, Russian Federation. WAI-RA

Rein van Uden, Netherlands. WAI-RA

Will Kellermann, Netherlands. WAI-RA

Martine Kuijsten, Netherlands. WAI-RA

Antonio Teodosio, Portugal. WAI-RA

Inge van Elst-Moonen, Netherlands. WAI-RA

Galyna Aguf, Ukraine. WAI-RA



Koen Spaas, Belgium. WAI-EA

Renate van Dongen, Netherlands. WAI-EA

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