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Fine Art Print

We are proud to offer a small selection of watercolor Fine Art Prints. These are exclusive limited editions of usually a maximum of 25 pieces.

We offer a high-quality Fine Art Print based on a giclee printing technique that guarantees maximum image quality and color fastness. The artwork is printed on Hahnemühle Fine Art paper with a recognizable watercolor structure and comes with a passe-partout. The format of this art print corresponds to common frame formats and can therefore be framed directly to your own taste. The Fine Art Print comes with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

Enough information? Then go straight to the selection. Or read more about our Fine Art Print process below.




Fine Art Print performed in giclee printing technique

If you want to reproduce a work of art, there is one printing technique that guarantees museum quality and that is the giclee printing technique.

Giclee is a printing technique developed in the United States using an inkjet printer. The term giclee is derived from the French verb “gicler”, which means to blast or spray. This technique uses continuous ink jets that apply different layers of color to the paper. No, that's not the kind of inkjet printers you have in your home! For an inkjet printer suitable for giclee quality, you quickly pay several tens of thousands of euros. There are only a few companies in Europe that can perform a good giclee print. Aquarel Art works with the best among them.


The process starts with high quality photography

Photographing a work of art is also an art in itself. Scanning is also an option these days. In any case, it requires a sharp image, calibrating colors and paying attention to white and black in particular. Working with standardized color codes that match the type of printer and type of paper that will be used is a precondition.


The highest print quality

The highest print quality can be obtained by:

  • Using high-quality paper
  • Use of top quality ink, based on real pigments
  • The use of piezo print head technology, which means that the ink quantity and frequency can be dosed very accurately
  • With the pigmented inks a color fastness can be obtained that will last 100 years or more according to the latest studies.


The most beautiful paper

Watercolor Art prints on superior paper: William Turner Fine Art paper from Hahnemühle (310 gsm) or, if the artwork lends itself better, from the same manufacturer Albrecht Dürer (210 gsm). With the matte watercolor structure, the material of the natural Bütten paper from Hahnemühle corresponds optically and haptically to handmade artist's paper.

In conjunction with the superior printing technique, this paper ensures a result that is barely distinguishable from the original.

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