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Selection criteria

Would you like to know on the basis of which criteria we compose our collection? Would you also like to sell your work through Aquarel Art Galerie? Let us know via the email below. We will then quickly send you all the information to participate in Aquarel Art Galerie. For now, the following explanation of our selection criteria.

Can anyone join?

No, not everyone can participate as a participant in Aquarel Art Galerie. We primarily assess quality. We do this on the basis of the Watercolor Art Index Rating System. Secondarily, we are interested in the extent to which you have sold work, exhibited it, received special recognition or received publicity attention. We are sellers of art, so of course we also look at the saleability of your works of art. And that of course depends on the price level you use and the trends in the market.

Promote watercolor art

Although Aquarel Art Galerie looks like a museum, we are primarily focused on the sale of watercolor art. We do not assume the role of the art critic who determines what is and is not art, but we do separate well-intentioned leisure activities from professional craftsmanship. Unfortunately, this sometimes involves a decision not to want to represent certain work. Our main goal is to promote watercolor art and present art within this segment that we believe is sellable.

Contact us

Once selected, we will work together to quickly place and publish your watercolors. You supply material based on our wishes and we will then take care of placing the material on our website and promoting your artworks.

Please sign up with the contact form on the contact page. You will then receive further information quickly.



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