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Arunas Vilkevicius 1967




Watercolor Art Index Honour: WAI-IM International Master



2019 Fabriano / Italy. Fabriano in Acquarello

2019 Finland. IWS 1st Watercolor Exhibition and Festival.



2017 Vilnius / Luthuania. Gallery Skizze with 21 artworks.



2021 Russia. 1st International Watercolor Festival ('Watercolor with Love'). Excellence Award.

2019 Italy. Fabriano in Acquarello. Appreciation Award. Artwork: Autumn Symphony.

2019 Finland. IWS 1st Watercolor Exhibition and Festival. Second Excellent Work Award. Artwork: Water Stones.

2019 USA. 14th ARC Salon Competition. Finalist in Imaginative Realism category. Artwork: Rasa..the moment..

2019 Russia. 1st International Watercolor Online Contest IWS/Sare Gallery Moscow. Bronze Medal. Artwork: Whispers of Spring.

2019 USA. American Art Awards. 1st place with 'The Wishpers of Spring. 4th place with 'Rasa..the Moment… and 5th place with 'Bali…The Moment of Joy'.

2018 USA. American Art Awards. 4th place with 'Rita. 6th place with 'Milka'.



2019 Fabriano / Italy. Watercolor Museum Fabriano. Artwork: Autumn Symphony.



2019 Special Edition ModPortrait 2019 – Artelibre Gallery Spain.


Arunas Vilkevicius is infinitely gifted

Scarce are the people who can make what they imagine with their eyes and hands. Even scarcer are the people who can elevate masterly craft to enlightening art. Arunas Vilkevicius from Lithuania is such a person who is infinitely gifted.

Without any specific artistic training, he has become proficient in designing and making furniture over the past decades. Mastering all styles, his preference goes out to Art Nouveau in which the connection with nature plays an all-important role. What do you have to say about mastery when you see the object below? Every splinter of wood has been hand felt by Arunas. We are speechless!



Around 2016 Arunas picked up the watercolor brush; a new outlet for his creative mind. Fascinated by the degree of difficulty, the capriciousness of the medium, as if wood were difficult to work with, watercolor painting became a positively charged obsession. And whoever examines his oeuvre discovers the connection with nature and Art Nouveau again plays a significant role.


Arunas, who doesn't know him in 2121?

Already painting as an accomplished 'master', he is greedy in the choice of subjects. He does not commit himself to a single theme. Like a child at the entrance to the playground, he chooses his subject seemingly at random. He often bites into it for months. And to such an extent that his production is limited if we make a comparison with the traditional watercolorist who comes up with a watercolor a day with graceful brushstrokes. Not Arunas!



The execution always borders on perfection…no…is perfect. The mastery of the watercolor technique is superior, the fabric expression is astonishing, choice of color and application borders on photographic reproduction. The individual works are not without expressiveness, the message is, however, withheld, not 'in your face'. Each and every one of Aruna's works are artistic masterpieces of craftsmanship and a great asset to any owner.

And…the number of owners of artworks by Arunas Vilkevicius is steadily growing. Works find their way to all continents, which emphasizes that the appreciation for his art is universal. We are very proud to be able to present Arunas at Aquarel Art in 2021, in the knowledge that our choice will still be solid in 2121.

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Author: Menno de Wit


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