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Dick Kusters (1952)




Watercolor Art Index Honour: WAI-RA Recognized Artist

Member of the Board International Watercolor Society – IWS Holland

Member Artists Association Werkplek



2020 Varik / Netherlands. Distillery Bas Lubberhuizen.

2019 Hoofddorp / Netherlands. Galerie de Tuinkamer.

2016 Elst / Netherlands. Grote Kerk.

2014 Neerijnen / Netherlands. Stroomhuis.



2021 Zutphen / Netherlands. Permanent exposition Aquarel Art Gallery.

2021 Tirana / Albania. Watercolor Biennale 2021.

2020 Neerijnen / Netherlands. IWS/Stroomhuis: 'Masterly landscape'.

2019 Tiel / Netherlands. Cultural Center Zinder.

2018 Nieuwegein / Netherlands. National Art Days.

2018 Fabriano / Italy. Itenerante (rotating) exposition in Italy.



2018 Fabriano / Italy. Watercolor museum.



2018 Italy. Finalist Fabriano in Acquarello with 'Destiny'.

2017 Netherlands. 1st prize Leerdams Kunstcollectief with 'Ochtendgloren'.



Newspaper De Gelderlander in 2019 and 2020.

Mentioning in book 'Betuwse Pronkers'.

Cover illustration book 'Joods verleden van Ophemert.'

Illustration Collection of poems 'Betuwse bloesem'.

Cover illustration book 'Het woord als wapenbroeder'.


Dik Kusters will be an Old Master in 100 years

If we now live in, say, the year 2120, Dik Kusters will most likely be remembered as 'the old master from Varik', known for his Dutch landscapes. Limited production and therefore extremely rare. Alive on the phone, he said "Dik Kusters without C". That is obvious. As a watercolorist, Dik does not paint c-scapes, but only river landscapes.

The level of exceptional quality that Dik achieves would not be possible if you were not born and raised in the river area. The beauty of the river area is not only understood from painting the landscape, but above all through the coherence, the interaction of land, light and water. The always hazy atmosphere makes for highly varying and often spectacular skies. It is a constant source of inspiration. These essential features of the Dutch landscape have inspired many great painters. Dik lives in the middle of this landscape, he understands.


Thick Kusters. Preliminary study in the open air. 

A classic spatter

If we at Aquarel Art are already looking forward to the participation of a few hot shots among the watercolorists, we are happy that we now also represent a real spatter. Are you so old that you can remember Mies Bouwman (Hello, dear, dear people…) in the TV broadcast of 'Open het dorp', then we don't have to explain anything. For the younger art lovers then the following explanation.

One learned the splash technique in the first years in primary school. You cover a surface and with ink, a sieve and a toothbrush you splash the colors. Nowadays you do that with colorfast airbrush ink. Fine details are painted. To achieve the deeper tones of the atmospheric perspective, watercolor the thin tones in the sky. A mixed technique, in other words, and that gives Dik Kusters' work an extra dimension.


Dawn of Dik Kusters praised to heaven

Of course, Dik is appreciated for his work. With what is seen as his 'piece de resistance', Dik scored first in an art competition organized under the theme 'Remembering Holland'. The jury report contained an incredibly accurate explanation of the work 'Morning Glory' and the creative capability of the artist Dik Kusters:

“In this work by Dik Kusters, perhaps everything we feel, know, where fear lurks, but also enjoy water: Holland waterland. Here the water lies over the land and further away we see the protection of a church, of safe houses. We see the control of the water by the people, shaped over the centuries. Dikes, dams, flood defenses, pumping stations, until now. Fears, what will happen if sea levels continue to rise? And what a rest, heaven brought to the earth in an endless reflection. This is only possible through enormous craftsmanship.”

'Morning light' is for sale at Aquarel Art for € 1.475,- framed and well. No, Dik Kusters is not a seller, you can see that from the price, which is a great opportunity for many art collectors. Fortunately, Dik knows more about painting.



More about Dik Kusters

Dik attended the Academy for Visual Education in Tilburg. He is not only a watercolorist, but also a gifted graphic artist and original in his spatial work in public spaces. He steps forward modestly, but rarely to the fore. He exhibits limited. It can be explained that his works of art are included in the art collections of municipalities in the river area. His work can be seen in several galleries in the Netherlands and his work has recently been included in the Italian watercolor museum in Fabriano. You cannot get a greater international honor as a watercolorist.


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Author: Menno de Wit


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